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Close belongs to the company S.C. Big Fish Articole de Pescuit & Nada S.R.L.

We will further refer to or S.C. Big Fish Articole de Pescuit & Nada S.R.L. as ”Big Fish”, and the term ”user” refers to any natural or legal person who chooses to receive communications from us by filling in the contact form and to create an account on our site.

For the purpose of marketing communication with the user, as well as with all those who are interested in our services, we choose to communicate by phone or email, which may be registered in our database by filling in a contact form. Based on willingly filling in the contact form by the user, we take the right to contact the users to send them our commercial offers or contents that they may be interested in.

If they register as user and they create an account on website, the user is directly responsible for the validity of the data that he/she registers on the site, as well as for the secrecy of the access password to the account created on

In both situations, as a simple user who accepted, by filling in the contact form, to receive a newsletter and other commercial messages from us, as well as when they create a user account on our site, that they manage on their own and that they use by means of ID and password, the users agree that their personal data is registered in the Big Fish website and preserved for an unlimited period of time or until the user requests otherwise in writing. Big Fish has the right to eliminate at any time a user from the database or to close the account created by a user without previously notifying the user.

The user has the right to use his/her personal data as he/she wishes on our site, and he/she is directly and uniquely responsible if he/she allows the access to third parties to his/her account. In this case, Big Fish does not take any responsibility for any consequences that may occur.

The user has the right to ask for changes to be operated in his/her personal data in our database, as well as to ask for the complete removal from our database. For this to be possible, the user has the obligation to inform us by email sent to the address about the modifications that he/she wishes to be operated in his/her personal data.

Big Fish binds itself not to make public the user’s email address and not to send it to third parties, except when the law requires otherwise.

If the user chooses, knowingly or by mistake/out of ignorance to publish his/her own data, making it public and putting it at the third parties’ service, the liability is entirely taken by the user, and Big Fish is held harmless in this regard.

Beside the personal data that we request, the user is free to send us materials, information, data. If these have not been requested by us, we will not be held liable for keeping them confidential or secured, but this liability will be taken by the holder/user who sent them to us.

On the website, we are able to post commercials of third parties, with links to the websites of third parties or to other websites, before which we take no liability related to security or viruses. The willing connection to said websites by accessing the links coming from, which may cause damage to the users, draws the full liability of the user. Also, if, by landing on other web pages coming from links displayed on, the user chooses to leave his/her confidential data, this choice is personal and does not draw the liability concerning their confidential preservation by Big Fish. Following this choice, the user’s personal data will be stored by third parties, not by Big Fish.

The personal data that we process is: user’s name and given name(s), e-mail address, phone number, city/town of residence, company name, company identification data, address of registered office, iban code, bank details, user’s title in the company.

Big Fish reserves the right to change or make additions to the confidentiality policy at any time, and the revisions enter in force once they are displayed on