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1. Choose the product you want to order. By clicking on the product image, you will open a window where you will find a complete presentation of the product.

2. Choose the product specification (model, quantity, size, color etc.) from the drop-down menu. Products benefit from displaying availability in our stock or the supplier's stock. Updating the stocks for products shown with supplier stock is not done in real time, so there may be errors. If the product is indicated as out of stock (unavailable), you can send a request for information when it comes back in stock by pressing the NOTIFY ME button. When the product status changes to available, you will be automatically notified via an email sent to the provided address.

3. If you wish to increase the ordered quantity, use the + button in the dedicated quantity field. Otherwise, the order will contain the initial quantity of 1.

4. To add the selected product to the shopping cart, press the ADD TO CART button. A message will appear on the screen to confirm the successful order. At this moment, the product is loaded in the shopping cart displayed in the upper right part of the screen. The number of products in the cart is indicated without needing to open the cart.

5. To continue shopping, follow the same steps you went through to add the first product.

6. To finalize the order, access the shopping cart by pressing the MY CART > VIEW CART DETAILS button in the upper right part of the screen.

On this page, we will ask you to choose the payment method and provide the necessary delivery details.

After filling in the required fields, you can check the order summary and, if everything is correct, place the order by pressing the CHECKOUT button.

The successful submission of the order will be confirmed by a message displayed on the screen.

7. Upon receipt of the order by us, you will automatically receive an email with the ordered products and delivery details.

Thank you for your choice!